2019/11/19 PLAN

New Year’s eve and the first three days ceremonies and events

The new year season is most holly and significant for Japanese and there are many traditional ceremonies and events to celebrate the new year.
Immerse yourself in those myriads of Japanese traditions to wish happiness for a beautiful new year with us!
December 31st  New Year's Eve
22:45   Toshikoshi soba (Japanese tradition Year-crossing noodle)
23:00   Countdown lottery
1st of January  New Year's Day
■First year sunrise (around 6:51am) at Onada beach
■Hatsumode (First visit of the year to a shrine) transfer provided
9:30am  Departure  *Reservation required
■Taru Sake Opening (the action of breaking the lid of a Sake barrel in celebration of the new year)
Ceremony and Sake toast from 7:30am (in front of the main entrance)
■Ceremony of Mochi Tsuki (Pound steamed rice) and Maccha green tea / Sale of lucky bags
from 11:00 to 12:30
Restaurant “Yamamomo” at Lawn Plaza
■Kakizome (First calligraphy of the new year)
New Year's Day 1st January 14: 00-16: 00
2nd 14: 00-16:00
At Banquet hall
■Traditional Japanese games of new year are available
Indoor: Sugoroku, Karuta, Hyakunin isshu(the one hundred famous poems) , Kendama, Daruma Otoshi, Fukuwarai (Lucky Laughter: Japanese traditional game of new year)
Outdoor: Hagoita (battledore), Koma (spinning of tops).

New Year leaflet