2019/01/06 INFO

Japanese Sword Event "Shinsengumi and the celebrated swords"

This event is specially planned as celebrating the 50th anniversary of ABBA Resorts IZU. Feel the sprit and the way of the Samurai.
Event date: 11th January – 31th March 2019

Event 1: 【January 27 only】 Batto (Swordsmanship) Experience -  Grasp the power of authentic live Japanese sword! 
Lecture and lesson by Grand Master of Hisui Kai (school) including demonstration.
You can learn and experience The drawing of the sword/ Full swing and cutting power of the sword/ Sheathing of the sword.
Before this experience, you will be practicing the main basic stances of the swords with practical swords. Even beginners can participate.
Lectured by: Hisui Tokyo
▼Learn about Batto / Hisui Tokyo more
Date & Time:  27th January 2019
Part 1   10:30~16:00
Part 2   11:00~17:00
20ppl Max / each part

1 Batto (swordsmanship) experience with the real sword (with lunch and Dressing up ( Special traditional Kimono costume, Hakama)) By Grand Master : 22,000yen (tax included)
2 Observing the cutting performance by Grand Master (with lunch): 10,000yen (tax included)
3 Observing the cutting performance by Grand Master (no lunch): 5,000Ayen (tax included)
We officially open the application from 11th January 11:00 JST.
*Hours vary a little depending on need
*Anyone under 15 years old will required to be accompanied by a guardian or family. In that case please purchase observation plan.
*Those who are experiencing Batto swordsmanship will need to sign a consent form to hand on the same day. Please bring V-neck shirt and shorts to wear under the Hakama.
*Before the experience, please refrain from drinking and remove necklaces, rings, watches, excessive perfume, ornamental nails etc.
*Cutting experience will be at the discretion of the master.
Inquiry and reservation:
TEL   81 (0)557-53-1170

Event 2: Special display  "Shinsengumi and celebrated swords"
It is a very valuable opportunity to watch swords related to Shinsengumi 2 at the same time.
Shinsengumi Bureau Director · Isao Kondo's love sword "Toratetsu" and vice president · Kozo Hijikata's love sword "Kanesada" will be displayed at special exhibition.
*About Shinsengumi

Place: Sword Gallery "Gi-no- Kokoro"
Price: Appreciation free
· If you are visiting, please stop by the front desk, receive the guide booklet, voice guidance and enjoy it freely.
· Guided by multilingual voice application App, leaflet, or  staff ( by Japanese only)

  • Batto 1

  • Batto 2