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Japanese Culture Experience

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Your journey throughout
Japan will certainly leave a mark on your memory.

Receive warmth and welcome that is purely Japanese.
Experience the riches of nature with the elegance of Japanese culture, and enjoy our hospitality to your heart's content.
Feel the seasons with emotions that you have never felt before as you make our villas your own.
Immerse yourself in activities that are carefully created with you in mind.
Make wonderful memories as you touch history, culture, nature, and hearts.




  • Japanese sword appreciation

    Japanese sword appreciation

    A large number of rare Japanese swords and collectibles can be viewed by our guests at the gallery Gi no Kokoro.
    The gallery’s personnel will be present to provide further details on the exhibition.

    Gallery Gi-no-Kokoro

  • Japanese tea

    Japanese tea

    SLearn how to brew traditional Japanese teas, such as
    Gyokuro, green tea, and bamboo tea, at Shizuoka.

  • Scent bag making

    Scent bag making

    A scent bag is a perfumed cloth bag.
    Create your own scent bag by choosing from a selection of
    Japanese cloths and fragrances.

  • Origami


    Origami is a popular art form in Japan that is made using beautiful colored papers.
    Learn the basics of this art from our experts.

  • Japanese Cuisine Workshop

    Japanese Cuisine Workshop

    Try to make your own sushi!
    Learn how to roll and prepare sushi from a Japanese chef.

  • Garden Strolling

    Garden Strolling

    The resort is located in one of the three major areas in
    Japan with a dense growth of bayberry trees.
    Discover the heart and soul of gardens designed in centuries-old intricate patterns.

  • Experience

    Kimono & Yukata Experience

    Dress in a Kimono (or a Yukata), and experience firsthand
    the traditional attire of Japan.
    Visit the gardens and enjoy a purely Japanese-style stroll.

  • For any interest of the programs, please contact the reception in advance.
  • Changes of programs may occur.