2018/11/16 PLAN

New Cooking Class Starting in 2019 - SEIZA SORAKU-

Our French restaurant "Yamamomo" at ABBA Resorts IZU will start a cooking classes which savour each of the twenty-four seasons in Japanese-French fusion cuisine. This year we mainly focus on loval flesh vegetables.
You will learn through a lecture about amazing vegetables raised in the mecca of vegetables at the foot of Mount Hakone.
Chef Shimpei Yamamoto will show you the importance of vegetables in a refine cuisine and will teach you beautiful dishes that you can prepare in your own home.

ABBA RESORT IZU / Food Culture Renaissance Inc.

Event date
2019 Spring (Total 4 times)
1. 23rd January 2019 (Wed)
2. 10th April (Wed)
3. 24th July (Wed)
4. 20th Nov (Wed)

Time & Capacity

Membership fee
24,000 yen for 4 classes
(Individual classes are also available for 6,000yen per class)

· Learn about local fresh vegetables and 24 seasons from an instructor at Food Culture Renaissance.
· Cooking class by Award winning chef Yamamoto from ABBA Resorts IZU (demonstration)
· Including course tailoring lunch with freshly prepared chef demonstrations.                     (In the first lesson, 2 appetizers, main, dessert)

* If you wish, you can use our hot springs for a special charge of 500 yen (bathing tax included)
* All lessons will be held in Japanese, but if you wish, we will prepare reference materials in English.

TEL :     0557-53-1170

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