2018/11/29 NEWS

Awarded The Culinary Experts of the year 2018

The 2018 awards ceremony of Shizuoka Prefecture's promotion of "Fuji no Kuni capital of Food Award" was held at the banquet hall on November 29, and Shinji Ido "The Culinary Expert of the Year 2018 ", Western cuisine chef director Shinpei Yamamoto was also honored as a new awarded chef.

In Shizuoka Prefecture, an official commendation is awarded to cooks and confectioners
who have been recognized as contributing to the promotion of the agriculture, forestry
and fisheries industry in the prefecture and enhancement of dietary culture by actively
using made-in-Shizuoka food ingredients and materials.

It is a great honor and pleasure to have two people supporting the food of ABBA Resort IZU have such an award.
We will continue to disseminate the charm of Shizuoka prefecture with hospitality cuisine using local ingredients.

at ceremony