2020/06/12 PLAN

Launch Delivery Service for Cake and Lunch

Since this spring, our French Restaurant Yamamomo can offer new delivery / take-out service for cake and lunch, which has been loved by many in our neighborhood.
Please enjoy our cuisine which won the Asian Best Culinary hotel award, in your home! 

For reservations and inquiries   TEL 0557-53-1170  Restaurant Yamamomo, ABBA Resorts IZU

* All Prices include tax
* Delivery fee: 300 yen (free for orders over 2,000 yen)
* Delivery area: From Ito city to Inatori
* Payment method: Cash/card (Diners card is not accepted)
* Any specikal writing request on the cake, please let us know.

Delivery (business) hours: 11:00-16:00
1 Cake: Please make a reservation at least 3 days in advance.
2 Lunch: Please make a reservation by 16:00 the day before. ( Please contact us if the request is on the day)

  • ケーキ

  • ランチ

Picture 1:Cake
From top left to right
1 strawberry shortcake   -Pâtissier special
 <15cm> ¥3,500 <18cm> ¥4,000
2 Gateau chocolate   -for chocolate lovers 
 <19cm×7cm> ¥4,000
3 Fromage   -A special cheese cake
 <19cm×7cm> ¥3,500
4 Strawberry fruit tart
 <18cm> ¥5,500
5 Thick Flans 
 <4 servings /100g each> ¥1,100

Picture 2: Take out & Delivery   - Selected quality ingredients only
From top left to right
1  Grilled vegetable Curry with apple chutney
Pesticide-free and organically grown vegetables directly from the production area
*Type of vegetables depending on the season and stocking.  ¥ 1,100
2  Green Curry with apple chutney
Pesticide-free mushrooms and domestically produced young chickens  ¥ 1,200
3  Maasaman Curry with apple chutney
Wine-draff fed Lamb (delicate taste) ¥1,200
4  Beef Stew with baguette
Wagyu Japanese black beef stewed slowly with a copious amount of red wine.  ¥2,000
5  Side Dishes
Chef special pickles of seasonal vegetables  ¥ 250
2 loaves of bread   without preservatives     ¥ 760
Baguette (half size)   without preservative   ¥400

*The photos are example of arrangement
*Rice and roux will be delivered in separate containers.