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Privacy Policy

Our company, Zagyosoh, has established regulations regarding the handling of customers’ personal information (information that relates to an individual of which can be used to indentify that individual). Our organization’ s structure has been consolidated for the purposes of and we strive to protect such personal information. We may request personal information in or der for customers to partake in our services. In the case that a request is made for personal information, such information will be collected only a fter the reason for request, our contact point, and the range o f use for the information needed are clarified to the customer.

1. We will only use personal information within the range and for the purposes clarified, personnel shall be appointed to manage such information, and a proper plan to protect this information will also be establishe d. This information will be managed in the best method possible and, unless under exceptional circumstances, information will in no way be shown or submitted to a third party that has not been approved by the customer.

2. In the case that personal information is to be processed by an external party, we will execute proper management of such in formation through contracted obligations in order to prevent leaks or re-submissions.

3. To view or change personal information, the customer may contact our personnel and we will quickly process your request as best we can.

4. Our company will abide with laws and regulations of which may apply regarding to the personal information in our  possession. We do our utmost best to keep awareness high and keep all employees educated about personal information protection as employees are required to participate in training for such issues.

5. Our company’ s fundamental policies and privacy policy plans are periodically reviewed and evaluated, as the execution of each item noted above as well as protective activities are maintained and improved.

6. We will not be held responsible for the protection of personal information, etc. handled by personal sites or other entities linked to our site.

[In the case personal information is requested]
n the case that customers opt to partake in accommodations at o ur resort, the following items will be required as in accordanc e with the terms and conditions for lodgings.

1. Name, age, gender, address, and occupation of guests.
2. International guests will be required to inform us of their country of citizenship, passport number, port of entrance, and the date of entrance into Japan.

3. Time and date of departure.

4. Other items that the resort indicates as necessary.

This information is required as ordained in laws/the terms and conditions for lodging and will be used in the resort’ s general lodging operations.
Information will not be used for any other purpose. In the case banquets are held at the resort, guests must fill out an application form, etc. for banquets.
Please note that those who participate in events may be requested to fill out surveys. The personal information written on these documents will be used to prepare and arrange the banquets, etc. Moreover, the resort will also provide information regarding the event, etc. to guests that have been confirmed beforehand. Regarding restaurant use, guests will be inquired o f their name, etc. when making reservations at the resort’ s restaurants. Guests that choose to keep a bottl e at a restaurant will also be inquired of t heir name. This information will be used solely for the p urposes of confirming reservations and managing bottles kept by customers and will no t be used for any other purpose. Regarding our website, persona l information of  customers must be submitted for the following purposes. This information will be stored in our database, etc. and will be used to provide customers with services beneficial to them.
1. Accommodation reservations
2. Restaurant reservations
3. Request for various materials and inquiries
4. Answering surveys
5. Other (In the case that a customer’ s personal information is requested for any reason other than t hose listed above, we will clarify the purpose,
content, as well as how such information will be handled.)
Purpose of Use.
Information will be used in handling accommodation and restaura nt reservations, sending out informative materials, and answeri ng inquiries.
Customers that permit the distribution of electronic newsletters and magazines via email will be sent information regarding events, fairs, and accommodation pricing.
[Personal Information Disclosure]
1. Customers that request the disclosure of his or her own specific personal data will be required to complete the following procedures.
2. A written request for disclosure must be submitted by the requester. Documentation that identifies the requestor must be sent with the request (a copy of his or her health insurance ID card, driver’ s license, etc.).
3. We will provide the requested information in written form and clarify whether or not we possess his or her personal data.
[Changes, additions, omissions]
In the case that a customer requests for any changes, additions, or omissions to be made to the personal data submitted, a written request must sent
along with documentation that identifies the requestor (a copy of his or her health insurance ID card, driver’ s license, etc.). We will then process the
request as soon as possible.
■SSL encryption is used when transmitting personal information.
SSL is the most widely used method for the encrypted transmission of information between two parties via internet and is used by a large number of websites. Personal information entered by the customer such as name, etc. is automatically encrypted and transmitted, preventi ng such important information to be stolen or tampered with.
■Use of Cookies In order to provide the best possible services to customers, a part of this website uses cookies. However, cookies are not used to collect information which may specify an individual (name, phone number, etc.). Cookies are used for the purposes described below.
●Track user navigation in the “Accommodation Reservation Form”
●To make it easier for users to input information such as ” customer ID” , etc. when they partake in various services
●Other purposes that provide users a better internet environment *” Cookies” refer to standard web technology in which the web server identifies a user’ s computer. Although users may turn off cookies in some browsers , web services may be partially or entirely disabled when chang ing such settings.
*For inquiries regarding the use of personal information: Zagyosoh TEL.0557-53-1170
November 1, 2014

Privacy Policy
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