Ukiyama Hot Springs has been adored by many since its opening.

Guests can enjoy open-air baths, large public baths, and private open-air baths,

of which two facilities with different tastes are available for each.




Open-air baths available to guests include Hanabusa,
a stone open-air bath overlooking a colorful moss garden,
and Aoi, a hexagon-shaped open-air bath that is surrounded by a bushy grove of mixed trees,
Japanese spurge, a bamboo fence, fringed iris and spear flowers.
Relax in these baths of natural hot spring waters as if you were bathing in the forest.
An outdoor terrace is also available as a resting space after your bath.



The two large public baths “Hisui” and “Shion”
boast of the abundant hot springs gushing with water in the district.
Zagyosoh continues to accommodate guests with the chance to bathe while gazing
on old bayberry trees and the nature around them through large glass windows.
The hot spring waters are soft, transparent, and clear of taste and smell.
These waters warm your body up to its core,
alleviate fatigue, and help you achieve beautiful skin. Both baths include sauna facilities.



There are 2 private open-air baths on the 2nd floor of the East Building.
Enjoy a relaxing bath while gazing over the bayberry trees and the Izu Sea.

■Ukiyama Hot Springs
Spring Quality: Mild alkaline pure fresh spring water
Treatment for: rheumatoid arthritis, chronic muscle rheumatism, nerve pain,
bone or joint disabilities, permanent damage from traumatic injuries, fatigue, etc.

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